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18 Aug 2023

Types of Real Estate Properties in Mauritius accessible to Foreigners

17 Aug 2023

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The South East of Mauritius: between nature, history and gastronomy

Discover the best itinerary to discover the South-East of Mauritius in a day. Between nature, history and gastronomy, embark on the authentic side of the isl...

1 Jun 2023

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Ferney Nature Lodge: A Haven for Adventure and Relaxation in Mauritius

29 May 2023


Ferney Falaise Rouge Restaurant: A Culinary Journey from Farm to Table

Overlooking the bay of Vieux Grand Port and the Lion Mountain, Ferney Falaise Rouge Restaurant stands on a land steeped in history.

21 Mar 2023

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5 tips for a family hike in the south of Mauritius

No doubt hiking with kids can be difficult, but it can also be one of the most rewarding experiences. Indeed, the appeal of the wild south may be hard to res...

22 Sep 2022


The Ferney Agri-Hub: Cornerstone to the Tropical Agrihood

Ferney Agri-Hub aims to redefine tomorrow's agriculture by developing an integrated agricultural ecosystem. This innovative project stretches over 30 hectare...

21 Sep 2022

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Ecotourism: discover the hidden side of Mauritius, in Ferney

Beyond its beaches and sunbeds, Mauritius conceals many other secrets... unforgettable undulating landscapes, where the deep green of the endemic forests and...