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January 18, 2024

Why book a stay in the South East of Mauritius

Written by Sandrine Maingard

Seeking to secure your dream stay for your next holidays in Mauritius? In this article, we uncover the top reasons why a getaway at Ferney Nature Lodge is an experience you’ll cherish forever. Prepare to be transported to an authentic haven where azure skies, turquoise waters and lush landscapes blend seamlessly, where adventure and relaxation dance hand in hand, and where unforgettable memories are etched against a backdrop of awe-inspiring beauty.

What makes Ferney Nature Lodge so unique?

Nestled in the heart of a nature reserve, the Ferney Nature Lodge is a tranquil escape from the ordinary. While the Dutch explorers first set foot inadvertently on this pristine land in 1598, today, this hidden treasure has transitioned into an eco-tourism paradise. Combining luxury and environmental consciousness, Ferney Nature Lodge offers visitors an opportunity to immerse themselves in the lush embrace of nature while enjoying the comfort of private, exclusive accommodation.

Top Reasons to Stay at the Ferney Nature Lodge

The Ferney Nature Lodge is more than just a place to rest your head; it’s a doorway to a world of natural wonders. Here are the top reasons why the Ferney Nature Lodge should be your next destination:

  1. For a deep connection with nature

Imagine waking up to breathtaking views of the sun rising over a lush valley, surrounded by the melodious sounds of birds, the gentle rustling of trees, and the occasional glimpse of deer and hares. This is just the beginning of your enchanting adventure at Ferney Nature Lodge. Let the trail paths lead you to the wonders of La Vallée de Ferney and its surroundings. As you pass by endemic plants, keep an eye out for the majestic kestrel. You’re in for an immersive nature experience like no other!

  1. For its thrilling nature activities and adventures

At Ferney Nature Lodge, adventure is around every corner. Take a guided tour of Ferney Conservation Park, a one-stop showcase of Mauritius’s rich biodiversity. Or, if you crave a wilder side of the island, jump into a 4×4 SUV adventure that can accommodate up to nine thrill-seekers. Hold on tight as you explore the rugged terrains and embark on a fun-filled journey. For a more relaxed experience, relish in wonderful strolls with your family or enjoy romantic walks through the picturesque surroundings.

  1. For its personalised butler service

Want to feel pampered? At Ferney Nature Lodge, the ultimate luxury will be at your fingertips thanks to our team of dedicated butlers. They will cater to your every need, ensuring your complete comfort throughout your stay in one of our four exclusive lodges.

  1. For its delicious and meaningful dishes

Your stay at Ferney Nature Lodge wouldn’t be complete without indulging in the delicacies proposed by the Chef of Ferney Falaise Rouge Restaurant. The dishes are made from seasonal fruits and vegetables, sourced from local suppliers and neighbouring growers. Prepare your taste buds for a culinary journey that not only satisfies your palate but also supports the community.

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Local Attractions Nearby & Things To Do In The Area

La Vallée de Ferney lansdscape

Dare to venture beyond the comfort of your lodge and you’ll find a treasure trove of local attractions and activities waiting to be explored, namely:

  1. The Village of Mahebourg, Its Rich History And Its Lively Market

Mahebourg is a charming village where you’ll discover a melting pot of colours, scents, and flavours. Every Monday, its bustling market offers an array of fresh and exotic fruits, vegetables, aromatic spices and beautiful handcrafted treasures. The Mahebourg Historical Naval Museum is another gem. Set in a colonial mansion built in the 1760s, it offers a unique perspective on the island’s history. The museum houses relics from the French colonial empire and replicas of historical naval equipment. If you’re lucky, you might even witness a pirogue regatta – a flagship event on the island – while taking a stroll on the Mahebourg Waterfront. The colourful sails of the pirogues make for perfect Instagram photos.

  1. Vieux Grand Port Village: A Trip Back In Time

Vieux Grand Port holds a rich mix of historical, cultural, and natural resources. In 2021, it was even recognised as one of the best tourism villages by the United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO). For history enthusiasts, the Frederik Hendrik Museum is a must-visit, dedicated to showcasing the Dutch and French colonial settlements on the island. You’ll find artifacts, ruins, and reproductions of 17th-century paintings and maps, offering valuable insights into the past of Mauritius.

  1. Rault Biscuit Factory For A Sweet Moment

Take a guided tour of the Rault Biscuit Factory to discover the secrets behind the famous cassava biscuit. The Rault family has been crafting these biscuits using traditional recipes passed down through generations. These biscuits, best enjoyed with a cup of tea, carry a distinct and delightful flavour.

  1. Blue Bay Beach: The Blue Paradise

Close to Mahebourg, it is often hailed as one of the most beautiful beaches in Mauritius. With its fine white sandy stretches and crystal-clear turquoise waters, Blue Bay is a perfect spot for relaxation and water activities. Moreover, its vibrant marine life makes it a top snorkelling destination.

  1. Ile Aux Aigrettes, A Natural Oasis

Embark on a short boat trip to Ile Aux Aigrettes, a pristine island preserved from human activity. During a one-hour guided tour, you’ll learn about Mauritian wildlife and get a chance to see tortoises and other protected species in their natural habitat.

Your ideal luxury lodge in the South East of Mauritius

After indulging in a day full of captivating activities in the South East of the island, you’ll relish the inviting warmth and authentic atmosphere of Ferney Nature Lodge. Featuring just four exquisite double rooms and an exceptional, tailor-made butler service, this lodge stands as the ultimate retreat for those yearning for a serene and exclusive experience in Mauritius.

Planning Your Next Visit

To help you make the most of your stay, we’ve gathered some helpful information. As your comfort is our priority, our rooms feature amenities like a private safe, coffee machine, and soundproof windows, and the bathrooms come complete with a shower, hairdryer, and towels. Families are in for a treat as our lodges can host two children (0-12) at no cost or accommodate one teenager for a nominal fee. A complimentary private car park and a sun deck are also at our guests’ disposal. And for those who want to stay connected while being far from the madding crowd, they can enjoy free Wi-Fi.

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