May 29, 2023

Ferney Falaise Rouge Restaurant: A Culinary Journey from Farm to Table

Written by Sandrine Maingard

Overlooking the bay of Vieux Grand Port and the Lion Mountain, Ferney Falaise Rouge Restaurant stands on a land steeped in history. This place bears witness to the naval battle of Vieux Grand Port in 1810 between the British and the French, with a soothing nature which barely reveals its tumultuous past. Only the cannon facing the lagoon serves as a testament to the period marked by the Napoleonic wars. Today, the rich history of Ferney Falaise Rouge, a treasure trove of the south-east of Mauritius, blends with the panoramic view and combines with the art of eating well. Before you decide to try its selection of healthy and delicious dishes, here’s a sneak peek of this sustainable restaurant in the South of Mauritius which promotes the Farm-to-Table concept.

Discover Ferney Falaise Rouge, a must for foodies in the South of Mauritius

Where to go after a hike in the south-east of the island, right in the heart of La Vallée de Ferney? We know for a fact that this sanctuary of Mauritian biodiversity will quickly whet your appetite. So, let your ravenous hunger guide you… In just a few minutes, you will find yourself in front of Ferney Falaise Rouge, where a breath of fresh air awaits. Here, everything has been designed to ensure that you spend a wonderful time with your partner, family or friends: the authentic charm of the restaurant, its lush surroundings, a pleasant sea breeze, discreet tables offering panoramic views of the many islets of the bay and the lagoon of Mahebourg – the largest in Mauritius… not to mention the array of delicious dishes, served with a warm smile.

Farm-to-table: Ferney Falaise Rouge’s commitment to sustainable dining in Mauritius

Beyond its mouth-watering cuisine, its deep connection with the history of Mauritius, and its unique location atop a cliff, what makes Ferney Falaise Rouge Restaurant even more appealing is its commitment to sustainable dining – a commitment that is now necessary given the current environmental challenges. Indeed, pure pleasure awaits you from the moment you arrive. A quick glance at the menu will reveal that several of the dishes are made from ingredients found during your walks in the heart of La Vallée de Ferney, while others are sourced from the region. Here, locavores can indulge without feeling guilty, as most of the products served are fresh, local, and natural. Ferney Falaise Rouge menu has been created around seasonal vegetables, and if there are slight changes from day to day, it is because the restaurant is dedicated to offering you the freshest produce that will satisfy your taste buds to the fullest.

Where does this fresh and delicious taste come from?

The restaurant’s brigade sources its ingredients from local Mauritian producers and suppliers in order to reduce its carbon footprint. To ensure that you are treated to the freshest dishes, the team uses products from the Ferney Agri-Hub. In all, 33 hectares of fertile land are cultivated in Ferney by farmers who share a common vision: to shape a sustainable future. In addition to prioritising local supply chains, Ferney Falaise Rouge places the circular economy at the heart of its philosophy. This commitment extends beyond the kitchen. As such, the restaurant strives to lead the way towards a healthier lifestyle, demonstrating that it is possible to eat both gourmet and healthy while minimising one’s impact on the environment.

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The richness of La Vallée de Ferney through its local products

The cuisine of Ferney Falaise Rouge Restaurant is closely linked to its terroir, with each local product being carefully selected. The deer and wild boar meats come from the land of La Vallée de Ferney, where the animals are raised in the wild. Thus, you can enjoy with peace of mind the famous venison chop and taro, with a Ferney coffee-based sauce, or the roasted Lion Mountain wild boar, served with mashed potatoes, seasonal vegetables, and a salad. The freshly caught fish from the lagoon also offers a unique flavour to the dishes, which you will immediately discover if you try another special dish of the restaurant: the fresh fish fillet, served with vanilla clams’ emulsion and Ferney Agri-Hub vegetables. In fact, most of the vegetables and fruits come from the Agri-Hub, which means they are sustainably grown, therefore being more environmentally friendly. The region’s farmers work closely together to ensure that you can enjoy all these quality products and are proud to showcase the richness of the terroir. As you can see, the cuisine of Ferney Falaise Rouge celebrates both nature and local know-how, creating a gustatory experience which is also an invitation to sharing.

Ferney Falaise Rouge Menu, a fusion of Mauritian flavours

Savouring Mauritian gastronomy is like tasting the soul of the country during a delicious interlude – a moment frozen in time. It’s an experience that Ferney Falaise Rouge restaurant offers with its menu filled with warm colours, spicy scents, and a fusion of flavours. The dishes honour ancient traditions and awaken the senses. As you inhale this mix of aromas, with your eyes wandering to and fro between Île aux Aigrettes, La Passe island, and Île au Phare where the vestiges of the naval battle of Grand Port can still be found, you will be both here and there. While the view opens the doors to a journey through time, the recipes themselves will transport you through India, China, Africa, and Europe, all gathered together to bring sunshine to your plates.

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